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NovaPlus has taken its place as a young, dynamic and result-oriented company in the food supplement and cosmetic sectors with its business models, products and service developed in Turkey and abroad. It continues its way in the target markets by adding the cosmetics sector to its experience in the pharmaceutical and food supplement sector for many years.

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NovaPlus has products in multiple categories such as vitamin and mineral group, tablet, capsule, mother and child health, personal hygiene. You can review our products and contact us for details.



Our target markets are Middle East, Africa, Balkan countries and Turkic Republics. We have been continuing our sales in these markets for many years and increasing our market share by developing our customer portfolio.


NovaPlus takes the rights of distributorship of international companies also create a structure focused on marketing and sales in the Turkish market. It continues its business development activities in this field.

Business Development

Developing new products for both domestic and foreign markets and doing the necessary studies to increase our existing market share constitute the basis of our business development understanding.